Name: Celso Silva Bastos
Type: PhD thesis
Publication date: 19/06/2019

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João Luiz Calmon Nogueira da Gama Advisor *

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Abrahão Alexandre Alden Elesbon External Examiner *
Diogo Costa Buarque Internal Examiner *
João Luiz Calmon Nogueira da Gama Advisor *
Luis Manuel Bragança de Miranda e Lopes External Examiner *
Ricardo Franci Gonçalves Internal Examiner *

Summary: Urban areas seeking new water service options, to ensure the supply. The academic
literature deals with the thought that the water crisis is related to urban growth, however
the predominant factor is the increased consumption, regardless of population growth,
because behavioral factors should be reviewed to from simple daily habits.
Entrepreneurs don't focus only on economic issues or on top of environmental
discussion, as well ensuring autonomy, because water insecurity is increasingly
growing. Development like shopping malls, can consume water equivalent to
consumption of 5 thousand people. In order to know the perceptions of the actors
involved in the projects and management of shopping malls, this work used the Analytic
Hierarchy Process (AHP) method, with the support of Expert Choice software, with the
application of questionnaires and the combined results among all those involved, to
then compare them to the thoughts of researchers. The resulting data show that the
knowledge of professionals and companies does not always correspond to the
concepts of good practices in water conservation, since at a given moment, the
blowdown, with low production, was the one of greater value of judgment, as alternative
source. The survey carried out in the Vila Velha shopping center is a reflection of a
project executed with few concepts of water consumption reduction. The indices of the
offers and demands presented a possible reduction of consumption of drinking water,
in the order of 49%, and this economy could have been higher if concepts of good
practices in the development of the enterprise were contemplated. The basis of all
actions lies in the knowledge and application, to produce more sustainable enterprise,
with environmental, social and economic gains.

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